Our Catering Menu



We believe in a mix of our clients input & direction combined with our expertise makes for the best culinary experience!  Our best method in accomplishing this is allowing our clients to select a handful of items they are interested in & then working with our team to make sure the menu makes sense & can be executed properly!  Some of the factors we work with you on include:

  • Menu Mix & accommodating dietary needs of guests
  • Service Location & restrictions, some foods just can't travel well, (Fried foods) and need to have the final preparation occur on-site
  • Composed meals, helping the menu make sense & dishes that compliment each-other.


Top Shelf Events sets ourselves above the crowd, on the TOP SHELF in many ways, and we cannot wait for you to experience this difference.

  • We only take 1 Event per-day for our catering services.  Our team is large enough too handle events of any size but we also keep it small enough that we can actually focus on each and every client.
  • We love having individual tastings with our clients which we usually end up doing a lot of planning discussions as well as just getting to know you better during this time.
  • The Whole Team Experience.  We've built our entire business model around our team all working together.  This means that our Servers, Bartenders, Setup-Crew, Kitchen Staff, Day-Of-Coordinator and the whole team are working as one.  We can move the team around during different stages of your event so that the big picture is always being focused as opposed to the many companies which outsource all the various components and end up with a fragmented group of people who aren't able to deliver at the level we do!
  • We love what we do, and we know you'll see that in the experience!


We've built what we feel is one of the most Honest, Upfront & Simple catering services available.  Many other companies have incredibly complicated pricing with hidden fee's that stack up fast!  When you're reviewing the menu below here are some of the additional charges that could apply for your event.

  • Travel & Delivery Charges:  Depending on your location their may be travel charges for our staff coming to your event in addition to our standard $95 delivery charge.
  • Service Charge:  We charge an 18% Service & Gratuity on all Food & Beverage which is an industry standard.  Our staff always goes above & beyond in delivering the complete experience that we strive for.
  • Equipment Rentals:  Depending on the size & location of your event we may need some tools such as warming ovens etc.  The equipment we can bring with us & we use for transportation are never charged to our clients, we also do not charge for our supplies needed for setting up food stations, buffets etc.  Just the big stuff we may need.  These would all be discussed early on in your planning so you know what to expect.
  • Kitchen Charges:  Many catering companies begin billing the Kitchen staff labor when they walk into the kitchen that day, we've built the cost of all the food preparation into our menu cost, the only kitchen staff charges you would expect are the actual people who need to be on-site for your event.  This is typically a very small team 1-4 people.

2018 Menu Changes!

Please Check Back as we are uploading our new & improved 2018 Menus Here, Adding more Daily!